Wheel Alignment

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One of the most vitalaspects of automobile maintenance is wheel alignment. Also known as tracking, this process ensures that all the four wheels are sitting at 90° anglesto your car chassis. It is essential to get the maximum life out of your car tyres and to get the best handling characteristics when you commute in your vehicle.

If you are looking for a wheel alignment garage in Slough, bring your vehicle over to us at Triple S MOT Centre. We are one of the largest vehicle service stations in your neighbourhood, and we offer fully automatedfour-wheel alignment services at affordable prices.

  • Why is wheel alignment important?

Misaligned wheels can severely affect vehicle handling and passenger comfort, as well as increase pre-mature tyre wear. Correct alignment will reduce wear, improve your car’s performance, and fuel economy.

  • Is your car’s wheel properly aligned?

It is important for you to understand whether all the four wheels of your car are properly aligned or not. There are certain indications that you should look out for while driving.

  1. Premature tyre wear –Excessive and early tyre wear is one of the most prominent sign of misaligned wheels. You might notice a feathered pattern, where either the inner or outer sidewall of the tyre will be more worn out. Whenever you notice this issue, bring your car to Triple S MOT Centre for a wheel alignment in Slough.

  2. Handling issues –Another indication of this issue is deteriorating driveability. If your car seems to drift to one side, or the steering does centre or even outaccurately after you take a turn, you should bring your vehicle to our facilityfor a thorough inspection and diagnosis.
  • We are here to help!

We have a team of expert technicians ready to service your vehicle. At Triple S MOT Centre, we ensure the quality of work with the cutting edge tools; our fully computerised system will detect even the tiniest issue and fix it like new.

We offer both camber and toe alignment on all four, or the front two wheels only. The front-end is probably the most availed service among the patrons of our wheel alignment garage in Slough. Our quick and accurate overhaul even gave it the name ‘toe-and-go’ procedure. We also offer a fast fit service (just drop by, no need to book an appointment) and instant quote whenever you call us.

Bring your car to Triple S MOT Centre today. You can also book an appointment via phone to jump the queue.