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Since its inception in 1909, Vredestein has manufactured products that paired practicality with class. From creating a partnership with famous Italian design agency Giugiaro to devoting their time and effort to make every single piece product perfect, they have constantly manufactured tyres that are of excellent quality and affordable at the same time.

At Triple S MOT Centre, you will find a wide range of Vredestein tyres to fit every vehicleand tackle every type of road and weather conditions.

Why Vredestein?

Vredestein has dedicated a substantial amount of their time and effort in the field of vehicle safety, performance, and sustainability. This experience seeps down to the Vredestein car tyres that you buy from our shelves.

From products like Quatrac, a car tyre that can handle every type of weather condition, to the FortezzaSenso, preferred by numerous professionals as well as amateur racers, you get the best performance and efficiency when you buy Vredestein’s products. If you are looking for a brand new set of car tyres, you can certainly take a look at what they have to offer.

We stock Vredestein tyres for family vehicles, SUVs and vans, and being the preferred partners of Vredestein car tyres in Slough; we can offer you their products at prices you won’t find anywhere else. Let’s take a look at some of our best sellers.

For your private car –

Vredestein manufactures a wide range of performance-driven tyres for sedans and hatchbacks. These tyres come in summer, winter, and all-season category, all of which are available in our garage.

  • Sportrac 5 –Probably one of our bestselling summer tyre, the Sportrac 5 is a mid-segment tyre that offers excellent performance in both wet and dry roads.

  • T-Trac 2 – The T-Trac is a popular choice amongst our customer who owns smaller hatchbacks and sedans. These come with a wide sidewall and deep grooves, making it a safer and comfortable option to use every day.

  • UltracVorti – We offer the UltracVorti for our performance-minded Its thinner profile gives it much better performance with excellent steering precision and road grip.

For your SUV –

SUVs require a special type of tyres that can handle the additional power and weight even at high speeds. They have become one of the most popular types of vehicle in the UK today, and that makes these Vredestein tyres the most sought after SUV tyre in our #city shop.

  • Quatrac 5 –The convenience of using one tyre in any weather condition without compromising on handling quality and safety; that is what Quatrac 5 offers when you use it in your SUV. Its edge to edge sipes and lateral grooves helps it bite the road even when it is snowing.

  • Ultrac Satin – For you premium SUV, the Ultrac Satin offers a perfect balance of performance and comfort.

  • WintracXtreme S – A lot of our customers consider the Xtreme S as one of the best winter tyre in its class. It provides maximum traction even on ice covered roads, transmitting all your engine output to power your vehicle forward.

For your van –

If you own a fleet of commercial vehicle, you can opt for some of these products that Vredestein manufactures –

  • Comtrac–This tyre combines great fuel efficiency with the features of passenger car tyres for your van or truck.

  • T-Trac 2 – If you are hauling cargo mostly inside the city, the T-Trac 2 will be the perfect option for you. Its wide treads give good grip on wet roads, while the improved sidewall design helps with a quieter and more comfortable ride.

Vredestein and us

Being one of the preferred partners of Vredestein, we at Triple S MOT Centre carry the privilege to showcase and sell you every single tyre model that they manufacture. If you are looking for something of the best quality without breaking the bank, bring your car to our garage today.

You can call us ahead of your visit to get a quote on the product you like. We are about to provide doorstep deliveries. So, until then, schedule an appointment and drop by our garage.