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Tyre Manufacturers - Vitora Tyres

Vitora is a manufacturer of quality performance tyres that offer the driver enhanced steering capabilities. Our workshop is one of the most prominent vendors of Vitora car tyres in Slough. Our collection of these tyres is massive,and we offer them at prices that you’ll find hard to match.

Vitorahas been in the market for a better part of three decades and has established a name for themselves as a manufacturer of superior quality tyres. Their tyres are hailed by automobile critics and regular drivers alike. Our garage stocks both SUV and passenger car tyres from Vitora.

Vitora SUV tyres

SUVs are considerably more powerful than sedans or hatchbacks.Vitora’sperformance tyres are well-suited to handle this extra power and offer a smooth, comfortable drive. You may choose one of the following tyres in Slough for getting the best performance out of your SUV:

  • Highlife

A high-performance SUV tyre, the Highlife offers a quiet drive with enhanced wet braking performance. These tyres are exceptionally durable as well, providing drivers with an excellent value for money.

  • Countrylife

These are Vitora’s premium 4x4 all-terrain tyres. They have a block tread pattern for an enhanced off-roading performance. The deep grooves help in preventing aquaplaning while prolonging the tyre life.

Vitora Passenger tyres

If you drive a family sedan or hatchback, Vitora offers a viable alternative to the conventional brands. At our garage, there is a wide selection of Vitora passenger car tyres that cater to the various driving preferences.

  • Streetlife

Stable, silent and solid are the three words to describe the VitroraStreetlife in a nutshell. These tyres have a solid centre rib for increased stability at high speeds. Its 4 circumferential grooves amplify the aquaplaning capability of these tyres.

  • Sportlife

The Sportlife is Vitora’s premium high-performance offering for passenger cars. Its asymmetric tread pattern coupled with a high void ratio design makes it the ideal tyres for driving in city traffic.

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