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Known on racetracks as well as on city roads, Pirelli is an Italian icon. Italy has long been a major mover and shaker in the automobile market for its cars like Alfa Romeo and Ferrari and tyres like Pirelli. Pirelli car tyres are sold all over the world.

Pirelli is most famous for its association with motorsports events like Formula One. Famous teams like McLaren Mercedes and Redbull use their products,and they are the sole official tyre supplier to the F1, the highest form of motor sporting in the world.

If you plan to buy Pirelli tyres in Slough and surrounding areas like Windsor and the Greater London suburbs, you will get them at our facility. We, at Triple S MOT Centre, are one of the most widely-known tyre retailers in the area.

Choose Pirelli tyres: know why

There was a time when Pirelli was the go-to brand for devout car lovers. Now, almost every car owner in the UK looks at the available Pirelli tyres before choosing a set. This is because this Italian giant has managed to reinvent itself consistently. Besides, there are several reasons for choosing their products.

  • One of the titans in the global tyre industry, Pirelli is a powerhouse of R&D and active marketing in the form of the iconic Pirelli calendar, among other items.

  • Pirelli’s prowess in motorsports means that it is a leader in safety standards and the future of automotive safety.

  • Over 120 years of experience makes them a household name where tyres are concerned.

  • Pirelli has always pushed the envelope, technologically speaking. The first ‘wide’ radial car tyre manufacturer, the first to equip the Porsche 911 Turbo, and the first to conquer the European and American markets by the late 1960’s, Pirelli is a brand of many firsts.

Buy Pirelli car tyres at Slough

At Triple S MOT Centre, we do not home-deliver any tyres. But we do accept online orders. If you plan to buy Pirelli tyres online in Slough, you can order right from our website. We are located conveniently in the heart of the Slough.