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Tyre Manufacturers - Ovation Tyres

To understand what a new company with perseverance and innovation can do in a space dominated by century-old giants, one doesn’t have to look beyond Ovation. At Triple S MOT Centre, Ovation tyres have a steady demand that’s increasing with each passing day.

Ovation is the latest entrant to the club of premium tyre manufacturers. They started their operation in 1995 and have spread their business to over 80 countries over the next two decades. In the UK, they deal with numerous independent retailers; Triple S MOT Centre is one of the most significant garages in that group.

Our collection of Ovation car tyres in Slough is as extensive as it is affordable. We have tyres in summer, winter and all-season categories to satisfy our customers’ needs. Some of the best tyres in each segment have been mentioned below.

Summer tyres

Summer tyres are the most versatile tyres as long as the temperature doesn’t drop below 7?C. These tyres feature a hard rubber compound that maintains its form even in sweltering heat, making summer tyres a reliable option. The grooves on summer tyres are generally shallow to maximise the contact patch, thereby allowing greater control and steering precision.

In our garage, you’ll find the following summer tyres along with many others:

  • VI-388
  • VI-682 Ecovision
  • VI-182

Winter tyres

At Triple S MOT Centre, we have a complete selection of Ovation tyresin Slough. The road conditions in winters are far trickier than in summer and require a different kind of tyres. These tyres are made from a softer variety of rubber to improve their road-gripping capabilities. They also have broader and denser grooves for increased hydroplaning resistance.

Some of the best winter tyres from Ovation are:

  • WV-186
  • W586
  • W686

All-season tyres

All-season tyres offer exceptional performance in all moderate weather conditions. These tyres blend the qualities from both summer and winter tyres to achieve a balance that will provide you with a steady ride throughout the year.

Our experts have vetted the following all-season tyres for year-round performance:

  • VI 07 A/S
  • VI 782 A/S

Visit Triple S MOT Centre today for buying Ovation tyres online in Slough as well as top-end tyres from other leading manufacturers.