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Tyre Manufacturers - Lassa Tyres

Among the new entrants to the tyre market, Lassa has arguably been one of the most consistent performers. Their range of tyres is all-encompassing, ranging from passenger to 4x4 to even LCV tyres. At Triple S MOT Centre, we deal in the entire range of Lassa car tyres in Slough.

Lassa came into the limelight recently when they partnered with Spanish football giants, FC Barcelona as their official tyre supplier. It shows Lassa’s ever-growing prominence, a result of delivering superior quality tyres to their customers. In Slough, we are the largest retailers of Lassa tyres. The demand has been steadily rising for their tyres,and you’ll find a separate section dedicated exclusively to Lassa tyres at our workshop.

We stock the following types of Lassa tyres-

  • Passenger car tyres
  • 4x4/SUV tyres
  • Van/LCV tyres

Let’s talk in some details about all three.

Passenger car tyres

If you are on the market for purchasing new tyres for your car, head over to our garage or even buy a set of Lassa tyres online in Slough. The following tyres have been hailed as the most dependable ones in this section-

  1. Impetus Revo 2+
  2. Phenoma
  3. Snowways Era2

The first two are summer tyres while Snowways Era2 is one of the most well-received winter tyres by our customers.

4x4/ SUV tyres

There’s no reason for concern for SUV owners as well. We have a comprehensive stock of 4x4 tyres at our facility that they can choose from. The tyres mentioned here have passed the highest quality standards carried out by automobile experts-

  1. Competus A/T
  2. OK144
  3. Competus Winter2

The Competus A/T is a favourite among off-roading enthusiasts for its all-terrain adaptability.

Van/ LCV tyres

For the thousands of van owners in the area, we have stocked a variety of LCV tyres. These tyres from Lassa are considerably sturdier than their passenger car counterparts, necessary for handling the extra load over long distances.

  1. Transway 2
  2. Maxiways 100S
  3. Wintus 2

Buy Lassa tyres from Triple S MOT Centre

You may purchase these tyres from our workshop at the best prices. You may also choose to browse our entire collection and make a more informed purchase with the help our in-house experts.