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Tyre Manufacturers - Continental Tyres

Continental is one of the few companies setting a benchmark through every single product they sell. Continental is currently the third largest tyre manufacturing company in the world, and one of the most popular brands among our customers in Slough.

When you visit Triple S MOT Centre looking for a new set of car tyres, you will notice a large collection of Continental’s product on the shelves. They are one of the best suppliers of Continental car tyres in Slough, and the combination of affordability and quality makes them a better choice than many of their competitors.

Why Continental?

Over the last 147 years, Continental has developed as a company who prides itself in making high quality products. Quite a few automobile manufacturers use Continentals’ products, including companies like BMW, Honda, Volkswagen, Toyota, etc.

They have well-equipped R&D centres spread across the globe in India, China, Germany, and the US. The products that you buy from the TRIPLE S MOT CENTRE’s shelf and use in your car are the result of extensive research in rubber manufacturing.

At our garage, you will find Continental’s products suitable for every season. Let’s take a look at what we have to offer.

  • Summer tyres –
  1. SportContact 6
  2. PremiumContact 6
  3. ContiEcoContact 5
  4. CrossContact ATR
  5. Conti4x4SportContact
  • Winter tyres –
  1. WinterContact TS 860 S
  2. ContiWinterContact TS 850
  3. ContiWinterContact TS 810 Sport
  4. WinterContact TS 860 S
  5. Conti4x4WinterContact

Other than that, you can also purchase van tyres from Triple S MOT Centre. Products like ContiVanContact 100, Vanco Eco, Vanco Winter 2, VancoFourSeason 2 are some of the most popular products among our customers who own a fleet.

Looking for high quality, cheap car tyres in Slough?

From budget to exclusive, you will find the entire range of Continental car tyres in Triple S MOT Centre. We also have competitive prices on all of their products. Call us today to check the availability of the product you are looking for, and to know the price. Order your Continental tyres online come over to our garage to fit them on your car. Let our professionals help you with any other services you might require.