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Tyre Manufacturers - Apollo Tyres

Apollo is currently one of the world’s largest tyre producers. Ranked number 11th globally, Apollo produces tyres which are used globally. They have gained universal recognition due to their great adaptability, superior road grip and relatively lower prices.

If you are looking for Apollo car tyres in Slough and the neighbouring areas of Berkshire and Windsor, you are in luck. At Triple S MOT Centre, we store the best models of Apollo. This Indian giant currently owns Vredestein Tyres, a leading Austrian tyre giant which is known for its wide-ranging technological and marketing achievements. Apollo’s products offer low aquaplaning and superior road grip, all design elements needed for safer drives in the UK.

Why buy Apollo Tyres?

Apollo, compared to giants like Pirelli and Michelin, is a comparatively recent entry and was formed in 1972. In this short span of time, this Indian giant has managed to overtake many longstanding veterans of the global tyre business to become giant it now is.Apollo is currently in the pink of financial products. Revenues now stand at just under US$3 billion.

There are several reasons why you can always rely on Apollo.

  • Superior Research and Development: Apollo invests strongly into R&D to manufacture top-end products for the mass market. It is capable of producing superb tyre models at comparatively lower prices, something which many other companies cannot do.

  • Excellent range of models: If you are looking for summer, winter or all-season tyres, Apollo is the one brand you should go for. This company is known for its massive output of a wide variety of tyres. Also, if you are looking for functional varieties like run-flats or high-performance tyres, they have them too.

  • Great sales network: Apollo has made some inroads in the UK of late. It is because of its superb network of dealers. Besides, Apollo also has some factories in Europe, including one each in The Netherlands and Hungary. It makes them better capable of meeting high demands.

  • Experience: Apollo is an experienced player where agricultural, heavy vehicle and passenger car tyres are concerned. This makes them a capable player in all of these segments.

Triple S MOT Centreis a preferred partner of Apollo car tyres in Slough. It makes us the go-to destination for Apollo’s various products in and around Windsor and Slough, and also the Greater London Urban Development area.

Bestselling models of Apollo in the UK

2018 has been a splendid year for the company and also for us at Triple S MOT Centre. Apollo has finally penetrated the top 3 brackets in the UK. Here are 3of the most popular models of Apollo tyresaround:

Aspire XP

The Aspire family of all-season tyres is expanding. The latest model, the XP, is a unique addition they add the functionality of an all-season tyre with the dexterity of a summer model but with a much lower price tag than many rival models.

Alnac 4G Winter

The Alnac 4G is one of the lightest snow tyres currently available in the UK. It can combat heavy snow and sleet while also tackling aquaplaning.


The Altrust is a popular Apollo car tyre in Slough. It is a summer tyre which performs extraordinarily well even on wet surfaces.

Buy Apollo tyres in Slough

Find the widest range of Apollo tyres online in Slough at our facility, Triple S MOT Centre. Note that you can also purchase these tyres online from us. We do not provide doorstep delivery, however. Visit the other sections of our website for more details.