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Triple S MOT Centre
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Welcome to Triple S MOT Centre - Tyres Slough

castrolSlough is one of the UK’s most prosperous and vibrant communities and falls in the Greater London Urban Area, just over 20 miles away from Central London. Triple S MOT Centre is the foremost auto garage in this region providing services as per manufacturer specifications. They are also known for retailing top-end aftermarket OE parts.

MOT services

Our facility at the Triple S MOT Centre is also known for a wide range of MOT tests, covering the entire spectrum of vehicles. We offer MOTs starting from as low as £25 and offer MOT testing of classes:

  • 1 and 2 - Motorcycles and motorcycles with sidecars.
  • 3 - Cars up to 450 kg in weight.
  • 4 - Standard passenger vehicles
  • 5 - Buses
  • 7 - Goods vehicles.

Our MOT technicians are some of the best in the business in and around East Berkshire. The three primary reasons why folks keep coming back to us for MOT testing includes:

  • 5 separate bays for MOT tests which allows more vehicles to undergo the test simultaneously. This reduces the queues and waiting time without compromising on the test standards or the quality of post and pre MOT services.
  • Quickest turnaround time in case of MOT failures.
  • Low prices along with expert and timely service.

Tyre retailer

We are more than just another mere MOT service station. We are known for stocking a wide range of new tyres slough, with models from global icons like Pirelli, Vredestein, Apollo and Continental tyres. Triple S MOT Centre is the preferred partner of two of these giants in and around Slough, Vredestein and Apollo.

You will get the latest tyre models from us at very reasonable prices. Note that while we do not provide doorstep tyre delivery at this moment, we do accept online orders. We also offer secured purchase facilities so that every transaction done via our website is safe and reliable.

We also deliver quality tyre advice plus services. If you want to know the best tyre model for your car, contact us at the earliest. Let Triple S MOT Centre technicians assist you through the whole process.

Other services

We deliver a wide range of vehicular services as well. From general car repairs and services to exhaust and brake repairs and replacements, we have a very competent team of technicians who can cater to your each and every demand. From around Maidenhead, Farnham Common and Windsor, people come to us for their vehicle’s services.

  • Located conveniently in the heart of Slough with easy access from the Slough High Street, we are one of the area’s main service delivery stations and OEM suppliers. You can contact us via our website for booking an appointment.
  • Else, you can navigate through the detailed sections on various topics, so you take an informed decision.
  • Your summer and all-weather tyres will not meet your demands in the winter season. We stock a variety of summer, winter and all-season tyres at our facility.
  • You need both quality tyres and professional advice on what to buy, both of which are available here.

Triple S MOT Centre is committed to providing world-class services and products. Our core values are all about customer satisfaction, which is what we continue to uphold with an impeccable record.