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tyre repair

Tyre repairs in the UK follow specific mandatory guidelines that are laid down under the BSAU159 British Standard. This code mandates guidelines for a tyre repair and the number of times a tyre can be repaired. Non-adherence to the code can invite severe penalties, not to mention tyres which get weakened and compromisedover time.

Note that driving in the suburbs of London is comfortable and safe thanks to the world-class roads that we have in places like Windsor and Slough. At Slough, if you ever need tyre repairs done, get in touch with us at Triple S MOT Centre. We are known for some of the best tyre repairs in Slough.

Tyre damages and their repairs come in a hundred shapes, but the most primary ones are as below.

Types of damage we cover

  • Tread depth damage: If there is anything wrong with a tyre’s tread, we will fix it for you. The minimum tread depth needed in the UK is 1.6mm. If the depth falls below this limit, further repairing of the tyre is illegal. In that case, it is best to purchase a new set of tyres.
  • Primary and secondary damage: Regular driving inevitably damages tyres. Primary damageis natural and is easily repairable. A more serious type of damage is secondary damage, where the areas which were already under duress receive more extensive injuries from road debris.

It is essential that you do not wait if you see any damage to the tyre. Bring your car over to our facility at Triple S MOT Centre to avoid any chance of incurring secondary damage.

  • Faulty previous repairs: Did your previous tyre repair in Slough leave you disappointed? Let us help. We use the latest technology available to mend tyres hitherto thought irreparable.
  • Puncture repair services: We also fix punctures but cover the guidelines laid down by the British Standard. Damages to the central 3/4th part of the tyre tread are beyond repair and will require you need to buy new tyres.

Please note that we do not recommend a tyre repair if the central part or tread suffers damage. Let us help you if your tyres have such instances of damage.

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