Are you looking for a place to get your vehicle’s MOT done? Don’t want to wait for hours before they start the test? You don’t have to; with 5 automated test lanes in function, Triple S MOT Centre can handle multiple vehicles of different classes at the same time.

At Triple S MOT Centre, we know how important it is to ensure you are driving a roadworthy vehicle. That’s why we have brought a team of expert technicians together to make sure you get an accurate and fast MOT check. Our MOT test in Slough caters to vehicles of Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7.

Your vehicle is categorised depending on its load carrying capacity and engine displacement. For example –

  • If you have a motorcycle, it will fall under Class 1 or 2.
  • A 3 wheeled vehicle of up to 450 kg will be categorised under Class 3.
  • Passenger vehicles like cars with up to 8 passenger seats, dual-purpose vehicles, ambulances and taxis, will fall under Class 4 MOT.
  • A private bus with 13 to 16 passenger seats will come under Class 5 MOT, and any goods vehicle up to 3500 kg falls under Class 7 MOT.

When you visit us for an MOT test in Slough, we will run a thorough inspection of your vehicleensuring every part is in top-notch condition and is safe for road use. These tests are as per official inspection manual issued by the government to ensure you meet every regulation set by the DVSA.

Let’s take a look at things that we test when you bring your car for an MOT in Slough.

For vehicles of Class 1 and 2

A Class 1 and 2 MOT also tests components like lights, steering and suspension, tyres, brakes, exhausts, registration plates, etc. Other than inspections include –

  • Cracks, damages or distortions on the motorcycle
  • Leaks on the fuel system components.
  • Securely attached seats.
  • Too loose or too tight drive chain. Securely attached chain guard. Functional sprockets without wear marks.
  • We also check the clutch lever and throttle for optimal tuning and functionality, as per

For vehicles of Class 3 4 5 &7

For 3-wheelers, private or small passenger cars, dual-purpose vehicles, private buses, and light trucks, the set of components tested under and MOT test remains the same. We will check your vehicle for –

  • Properly attached and visible identification –
    1. The registration plate should be in a regulated font (including the colour and spacing of the lettering).Plate lights should be in proper working conditions.The registration should be visible from at least 20 meters away.
    2. VIN should be easily readableon the chassis.
  • Braking system –
    1. We will test the performance and efficiency of the service, secondary, retarder and parking brakes.
    2. ABS and EBS (Electronic Braking System) will be
    3. We will check the quality and quantity of the brake fluid.
  • Emission and noise –
    1. The British Government has strict regulations in place for emission standards. When you bring your vehicle for an MOT check in Slough to our garage, we will test to see if your car meets that regulation or not.
    2. Exhaust silencers and noise deadening materials in your vehicle should be in good functioning conditions.
  • Steering system –
    1. The mechanical condition of the steering system, wheel, column, forks and yokes.
    2. Another important parameter that we pay particular attention to is any play in the steering wheel, and the power steering unit of your car.
  • Driver’s view of the road –
    1. We will thoroughly check the driver’s view of the road, view to the rear of the car and condition of the windshield.
    2. We will also check the windscreen wipers and washer fluid when you bring your vehicle to our facility for an MOT check in Slough.
  • Lights and electrical equipment –
    1. We will check the throw of the headlights, making sure they do not fall directly on an oncoming vehicle. We will test the DRL if it comes standard.
    2. Front and rear fog lamps, direction indicators, and brake and reversing lights will go through an inspection to guarantee proper functionality.
    3. A thorough examination of your car’s electrical wiring and battery to make sure there is no short circuit.
  • Wheels tyres and suspension –
    1. Our engineers will run a thorough inspection of the axles, wheels and suspension system to make sure they are in proper condition.
  • Chassis attachments and other equipment –
    1. The interior and exterior of the vehicle should not have any sharp edges. Also, the seatbelts and other restraint systems should be in proper working order.
    2. Stability control, speed limiter and anti-theft devices also come under our thorough MOT in Slough.
    3. Your car’s horns should be audible, but should not exceed the defined noise level.Tunes like a siren, bells; anything that has more than one tone is not acceptable as an audible
  • Specific tests for buses and coaches –
    1. Doors and steps (including stairs).
    2. Passenger grab handles.

When you bring your vehicle to Triple S MOT Centre for an MOT test in Slough,you avail the services of a team of professionals with years of experience and knowledge. Our MOT tests start from only £25, and we offer free re-tests within 10 days.

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