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car repair

Car maintenance is essential not only for longer vehicle life but also for higher resale value. Modern automobiles require a running knowledge and above all, professional expertise for proper maintenance.

If you live in and around Slough and Windsor, you can come down to Triple S MOT Centre for a comprehensive car repair in Slough.

Cars traditionally are repair-intensive and expensive to maintain. But with Triple S MOT Centre beside you, you will have access to the best repair services in this part of Berkshire.

What we offer

We have a comprehensive range of repair services. The most important ones are covered under general repair services which include:

  • Computer Diagnostics: We use the latest technology to determine if there is an engine malfunction.

  • AC servicing and repair: It is crucial to keep the air conditioning system in top shape. At Triple S MOT Centre, we offer immaculateAC servicing at the lowest possible prices.

  • General electrical maintenance: All manners of general electrical defects are repaired. We also ensure that these issues do not prop up later on.

  • Brake repair: We offer comprehensive brake repairs at our car repair garage in Slough. Remember that brakes often need replacements and not repairs. Our technicians ensure that you get the best replacements, besides tips and tricks to keep them in top running conditions for long.

  • Suspension and steering repairs: This is an especially tricky issue. Steering issues rarely get enough attention until they get too delicate to handle. Prevention is essential, and you can get the best advice at our facility. We also repair power steering, which often causes a lot of problems but which can be fixed with professional help.

  • Fuel system repair: The fuel injection system has a complicated mechanism. Triple S MOT Centre offers you the best fuel system repairing services at Slough.

  • General body repair: The car’s chassis sustains a lot of damage over time. These are general repairs which we excel at. A once-a-year general body and chassis repair also help to increase your car’s resale value dramatically.

  • Clutch repair: While clutch repair in Slough is one of our specialities, please remember that car clutches are not repair-friendly. They need complete replacements. However, there are certain warning signs which a clutchshows before it reaches the end of its useful life. It is better to keep yourselves updated about these symptoms so that you can perform a self-diagnosis next time. Contact our service professionals for such tips.

  • General trim repairs: All body trims including mirrors, the doors, and wipers are repaired at our facility.

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Located conveniently in the heart of Slough, you can visit us on any working day, and we will be more than happy to quote you the best price possible for the services on offer. Book an appointment over the website to skip the queue. Triple S MOT Centre assures the best car repair in Slough.