Brake Repair

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The brakes of a vehicle are one of its most used components. It is also the part that wears out the fastest. Your car probably came with top-of-the-line disc brakes and ABS system. These parts require maintenance and that too, from professionals and expert for optimal performance and longevity.

But worry not; Triple S MOT Centre is here to make sure you do not face any trouble with malfunctioning brakes. We have a team of expert technicians well accustomed with the system and ready to help you whenever you bring your car for a brake repair Slough.

How do brakes wear out?

Like every other moving part of your vehicle, brakes are also prone to wear over time. When you apply the brakes, the brake pads create friction to reduce speed. This causes the pads to wear out.

If the pads are completely worn out, you will notice a screeching noise while braking. Bring your car to Triple S MOT Centre for a brake pad replacement in Slough whenever you face this issue. Worn-out brake pads cannot reduce the car’s speed effectively and can damage the rotors beyond repair.

Also, bring your car for inspection if the brake pedal feels soft, or the ABS warning light is on. Driving with faulty brakes can severely compromise your safety, and your vehicle will not pass an MOT test if it is not in good condition.

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At Triple S MOT Centre, we believe in keeping the entire system in top-notch condition so that you always enjoy a safe ride. We pride ourselves for providing the best quality services in the most affordable prices. Feel free to bring your car to our garage anytime you want. You can also schedule an appointment ahead of your visit.